We asked a few people to comment on our skills. Here’s what they had to say:

-- Carrie Visintainer, author of Wild Mama

"The Novelistas performed at my recent writing retreat, and they were fantastic! Their writing-related comedy offered the perfect break in the day, an opportunity to smile and laugh and connect."

(This photo was taken during our show; we didn't meet Carrie until after it was over and she graciously came to say hello.)

-- Maura Weiler, author of Contrition


"I've worked with a lot of editors over the years. Sara and Susan are, bar none, the most professional, engaging and effective. Being grammar-challenged, I take great comfort in knowing that they have my back. Hire them! Your writing will thank you."

-- Kerrie Flanagan, director, Northern Colorado Writers


"Sara and Susan's comedy show at the Northern Colorado Writers conference was hysterical, bringing to the stage the funny and quirky side of the writing life. These talented performers are quick on their feet, have impeccable timing and clearly feel at home on stage."

-- Renee Harper, co-owner, Madcap Theater

"I've never seen them run out of ideas. They leave me inspired and challenged every time. Susan and Sara can coach the most timid person into confidence."

-- Corie Woods, actor and writer

"The coaching was invaluable. After a few hours, I felt prepared and confident. I knew what to expect and how to respond to many different possible situations. In all, it was a terrific experience."

-- Adrian Holguin, artistic director, Impulse Theater


"Susan has an amazing ability to assess her students' needs and construct exercises that are fun, accessible and directly address those needs. She is, hands down, one of the best workshop instructors in the country. Sara is a master of fostering an environment of creative support. It is impossible not to succeed in her classes. Her energy is always positive and growth-oriented." 

-- Erika Krouse, author of Contenders 


"Explosively funny and poignant at the same time, Susan and Sara are the dynamic duo of humor writing. Together, they show us the hilarious side of writing, reminding us of why we love (and occasionally hate) our writing lives. Their uplifting and rewarding show is one of the funniest things I've seen yet."

-- W.W. Webb, writer


"In a showcase performance of my comedy, they lifted the words from the page and knocked the material clean out of the park. Their focused, immaculate preparations, and energetic delivery breathed life into my characters...I will reach out for their help the next time I cast a production." | © 2021 by The Novelistas