Whether you need help getting ready for a show, an audition, a book reading, pitching your book to an agent, or an important interview, we can help prepare you to do your best. We know how to present material to diverse audiences, and how to coach with specificity and kindness.

Our signature show, The Novelistas, is a laugh-out-loud mix of sketch and improv about the joys (and occasional miseries) of a writer’s life. Perfect for writing conferences and retreats.

What we do isn’t all fun-and-games. Maybe y’all need sum help cuz your grammar ain’t so good, or you’ve got a manuscript that needs a fresh set of eyes. We have years of professional experience as editors and copy editors. If it involves words, we can help polish them so you can shine.


We’ve taught hundreds of workshops to all kinds of humans – business people, actors, improvisers, writers and youth. From partial-day to multi-week, we can design a custom curriculum that meets your needs.


Topics include:


  Improv for Writers


  Improv for Business


  Beginning Improv


  Advanced Improv


  Writers as Performers


  Performance Skills

    for Business

Need an expert for your conference? A memorable guest at your party? How about a sales guru to fire up your troops? We excel in playing ‘real’ people. Real bizarre, and real funny, that is. Tell us your situation and we’ll come up with the perfect way to spice it up.

Having trouble thinking outside the box? Or thinking creatively within it? If you need help breaking out of a rut in your writing, business, or life, let us facilitate a brainstorming session that will reenergize your thinking and generate lots of fresh ideas. 


If you’ve got a topic, we can write funny sketches about it – whether you want them performed by you or by us. (Note: minimum two-month lead time required in most cases.)


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